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Books I Recommend

Dividend Blogs

AAAMP Blog ~ “The Arbor Investment Planner”
A Dividend Dream!
Alpha Target
Asset Grinder ~ “Canadian and US Dividend growth strategy for the Grinders out there”
Captain Dividend

captain dividend

David’s Financial Freedom Journey ~ “My investing journey to a work-free future”
Dear Dividend ~ “My Income Building Diary”
DivGro ~ “Generating a growing dividend income stream”
DivHut ~ “Dividend & Investing Inspiration”


Dividend Alpha
Dividend Beginner ~ “Achieving Financial Independence Through Dividend Growth Investing”
Dividend Chimp
Dividend Diplomats ~ “Dividend Reinvesting + Frugal Living = Freedom”
Dividend Empire ~ “Building a Dividend Stock Empire For Future Generations”
Dividend Explorer ~ “Dividend & Growth Investing * Building Passive Income”
Dividend for Starters ~ “Passive income for everybody! Personal blog about financial independence through Dividend Growth Investment.”
Dividend Gravy ~ “A little gravy makes retirement taste better”
Dividend Growth Investor ~ “I am an investor who wants to generate a sizable passive income stream by investing in dividend paying stocks which have the tendency to increase their dividends over time”
Dividend Growth Journey ~ “My journey about dividend growth investing”
Dividend Growth Stocks ~ “Your source for finding the best dividend growth stocks…”
Dividend Hawk ~ “Follow my dividend growth investing and my way to the financial independence”
Dividend Hustler
Dividend Kid ~ “Wealth Creation, Education and Proliferation”
Dividend Legion ~ “Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing”
Dividend Mantra“Dividends – Frugality – Financial Independence”


Dividend Monk ~ “Disciplined Dividend Stock Research”
Dividend Vet ~ “Dividend Growth Investing”
Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment ~ “Self-Educated Dividend Income Investor, Living Off Dividends, Sharing my Ideas and Thoughts about Stocks, Dividends and Growth Opportunities.”
Dividenden-Sammler ~ “My way to carefree life through dividend income”
Dividends and Trading (Spanish)
Dividends Are Coming ~ “Growing passive income one stock at a time”
Dividends for Dummies
Dividends With Children
Dutch Dividend

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom to the divorced people ~ “The journey to financial freedom with investing in dividend stocks\ETF’s, of divorced dad that pays alimony.”
Financially Free By Forty ~ “Investing. Passive Income. Frugal Living. Personal Development.”


Financial Independence UK ~ “Investing to achieve the choice of what to do with my time”
Frugality to Financial Freedom
Gremlin’s House Party ~ “Come on in, and go wild.”
Hack Your Finances ~ “Computer guy trying to hack his own finances and documenting the journey.  Thoughts on trading, investing, dividends/passive income, budgeting, and life hacking.”
Hello Suckers ~ “making 45% annually trading options against dividend growth stocks”
Income Surfer ~ “Surfing the Waves of Investing and Life!”
Investment Hunting (Formerly Dividend Dreams)
Investment Rocket
I Want To Retire Soon ~ “My pursuit of financial independence through passive income from Dividend Growth Investments.”
John Pedroza’s Money Blog ~ “A space for reflection of how to make money.”
Long Term Mindset ~ “Reprogram your mind for a better tomorrow.”
Los Cazadividendos
MisterValuation by Chuck Carnevale


Money Unbinding ~ “Learning to be a disciplined dividend growth investor”
Monsieur Dividende ~ “This is the story of a guy eager to quit the ratrace”
My Dividend Pipeline
my dividend pipelineMy Dividends ~ “My journey to become financially independent”
No More Waffles ~ “A 25-year-old Belgian’s journey to financial independence”
Passive Income Mavericks ~ “A Path Towards Financial Independence (FI) and Freedom”
Passive Income Pursuit ~ “Pursuing Early Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing and other Passive Income.”
Pollies Dividend ~ “Passive Income Investor – Dutch Dividend Engineer”
Race2Retirement ~ “3000 Days To Earning $3000 Per Month”
Sure Dividend ~ “High Quality Dividend Stocks, Long-Term Plan”
Tawcan ~ “Quest for joyful life & financial independence”
The Broke Dividend Investor ~ “Corporate Drone seeking freedom…”
The Dividend Drive
The Dividend Guy Blog ~ “One guys journey to passive income through dividend investing”
The Dividend SWAN
The DIV-Net ~ “The Dividend Investing and Value Network”
The Passive Income Earner ~ “Building Wealth Through Dividend Investing”
Twin Dividends
Two Investing ~ “Dividend and Options Strategies”
Young Dividend
Zero to Zeros ~ “Building Wealth Through Dividend Investing And Other Passive Income Strategies”

Finance Blogs

A Frugal Family’s Journey ~ “A California family documents their journey towards Financial Independence.”
A Path to Forever Financial Freedom
Bargain Value
Be Smart Rich ~ “Working hard isn’t enough.  Work and invest smart and be Rich.”
Cashville Skyline
Done by Forty ~ “Our path to financial independence by age 40…”
FI Fighter ~ “Path to Early Financial Independence”
FTSE Market and UK Investments ~ “Investing in the FTSE market especially dividend stocks and other investments to help me retire early”
Get Financially Integrated! ~ “Solving Life’s Financial Puzzle”
Getting A Rich Life ~ “Think Differently To Build Wealth”
Living At Home
Money After Graduation
Mr. Modern Millennial ~ “Craft The Life You Want”
My Journey to Millions
Our Big Fat Wallet ~ “Saving, Investing & Frugal Living”
Quit Your Day Job 101
Redeemed Finance ~ Budget | Invest | Retire
Retire By Forty
Retire Before Bad ~ “Invest. Retire. Travel.”
Roadmap2Retire ~ “A financial independence journey via dividend growth investing and other sources of passive income”


Rockstar Finance ~ “A Collection of Awesome Money Articles”
Ryan’s Money Rules ~ “I blog about our money rules.  How to make it, how to grow it, and how to keep other people’s mitts off of it.”
The Financial Home Of Tim McAleenan Jr. ~ “The Conservative Income Investor”
The Security Whisperer
There’s Value ~ “Aiming For Value And Purpose In Life”
Wallet Engineers
Well Rounded Investor ~ “My journey of becoming financial independent by 35 years old”

Lifestyle Blogs

Adam Chudy
A More Successful You
Budget Bytes ~ “My stomach is full, and my wallet is too.”
Early Retirement Extreme ~ “-a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, and applied capitalism”
Mr. Money Mustache ~ “Financial Freedom Through Badassity”
Second Hand Millionaires ~ “It was never about the money. It was always about the time…”
The Frugal Cottage ~ “Living the good life on a budget.”


Dividend Rocket
Dividend & Whisky’s Dividend Screener

dividend screener


The Zen Fund
Two Investing’s Spreadsheet’s ~ Download and use Google Portfolio Templates
twoinvestingTwo Investing’s formulas for Google spreadsheet’s
The David Fish CCC List ~ “U.S. Companies with 25+ Straight Years Higher Dividends”


Fast Graphs ~ Great valuation tool.  I pay the basic subscriber rate.
CapitalOne360 ~ The bank I use to earn interest.  It can transfer cash instantly to my investment brokerage Sharebuilder. 


Keep your smart phone and save money on your plan.  We have 3 data lines with Cricket Wireless and pay only $90 a month.  Plus they’re owned by AT&T (T) and I’m and shareholder.
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