February: Let the Growth Begin

Hello and thank you to a very inspirational community of bloggers for motivating me to take my financial progress public.  My blog and portfolio are still in the building process and my dividend payouts have been small, but I’m in it for the long haul and I have the rest of my life to Tidak watch these payouts grow.  I’ve cheap jerseys made mistakes along the way and am learning more all the time.  I’m committed to saving money and adding capital every month in order to build my passive income.

February was a great month cheap jerseys to buy stocks.  If only I had more capital!  Expenses outpaced income this month as my girlfriend and I moved wholesale nba jerseys into our new apartment.  However, this Hacked move should save us money in the long run.  I mentioned on the About page that I’m a freelancer and although I’ve been with my current gig for four months, I noticed several colleagues get laid off early February.  This led to a bit of paranoia on my part, which led to the lack of a few more equity purchases when Mr. Market took a dip.  I did manage to initiate my position in Chevron with 14 shares at $112.27.  I also sold SAN at a profit because I initiated the position before my current strategy.  Luckily, it’s now the beginning of March and my job is still secure.  I have a tooth expense and taxes due this month but I plan to make underlying at least one new purchase.  I’m hoping to still hit $1,000 First in forward annual income by the end of the year.

My dividends in February almost topped all of 2013. Such small numbers, but in time they will get bigger.

T – $5.12
SAN* cheap mlb jerseys – $9.31
PG – $11.26
WGL* – $5.16
KMI – $17.32
DE – $3.04
O – $7.24

Total: $58.45

* position is now sold.

Thanks for stopping by and look for new content coming soon.

Do you remember what it was like to start small?  How did you start investing?  Join the conversation.

My Dividend Growth


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4 thoughts on “February: Let the Growth Begin
    1. My Dividend Growth

      Thank you so much! I’m a big fan of writing2reality and really admire how diversified your investments are. The Lending Club updates have been especially helpful! I appreciate your stopping by and look forward to reading your next Post 🙂

  1. JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

    It’s always great to see someone else join in on the journey to FI, whether it’s with DGI or something else. I’m not sure how long you’ve been lurking around the community, but I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had a question about investing or blogging that I haven’t had answered by someone. Feel free to ask anyone if you have questions about anything, well other than where to hide the body. Although I’m sure we could come up with some good ideas!

    What’s funny is it still seems like it was just yesterday that I started to invest in DG companies but it’s already been 2.5 years. Keep on saving and investing and the investments will do more work than you ever could. That’s a truly great point to get to.

    1. My Dividend Growth


      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve been lurking around since summer of 2013 and I check your blog daily. Your progress helps inspire me and give me the confidence to take control of my own future. Thanks for all your awesome content and spreadsheets! I’ve been so inspired by how supportive this community is to one another. Feedback, ideas, and suggestions are a big reason that I’m making my portfolio live, and I’m grateful you came to visit so early on. I’m looking forward to asking questions (don’t worry they’ll mostly be about puppies and kittens) and learning more along the way!

      Take care!


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