Growth Update: April 2014

In April, I continued to push toward my 2014 goals.  I initiated a position in Alfac late in the month and my portfolio value increased by 12.69% from $14,302.00 to $16117.27.

april 2014 portfolio value history
With my purchase of Aflac, I’m well ahead of my goal for amount of new capital invested this year.


I now own 12 companies.  5 of these companies gave me raises in April!  I didn’t have to do any work, and my money is making money!

April 2014 Dividend Increases

My favorite part is the dividends because the income I’m building from them will one day pay all of my expenses, and I will be financially independent.  In April, I made $41.38 in passive income through dividends.

april 2014 My Dividend Payouts

Since my portfolio is so young, I’m letting the magic of compounding do some work and reinvesting all my dividends.  Every tiny bit reinvested earns me a bigger dividend next quarter.

april 2014 dividends reinvested

When compared to my 2014 goals, I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m expecting to see a ramp up toward the end of the year.

April 2014 GOALS Dividends Recieved

As for my work situation, I usually edit for specific shows that last months at a time, but then I have to find a new gig afterwards.  I’ve been fortunate since October to have been working for a brand new TV network, and it’s looking like my job will be stable for a good amount of time.  I hope to be able to move up internally, increase my rate and move toward projects I’d be more passionate about doing. However, at some point I might want to move on to a different network or show in order to receive more credits.  But right now I’m enjoying this boost of steady capital.


Thanks for reading and following my journey and here’s to a May full of growth and hidden values.

How was April for you?

My Dividend Growth

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10 thoughts on “Growth Update: April 2014
  1. Huw

    Hey Ryan,

    Congratulations on a successful April!

    I’ve gotta get onto using these graphs, I like the way they visually compare your performance to your goals. They look great!

    You’re ahead of the red line on all bar Dividends received, which if it is anything like mine is back loaded for the year. It looks like your going to make a clean sweep in 2014. Keep up the great work!

    I wish you all the best with your work as well. I hope your current job remains stable and you’re able to get a promotion!

    Have a great May.


    1. My Dividend Growth

      Hi Huw 🙂

      I really appreciate your support. I think getting some graphs and charts on your site would be awesome and personally I think they’re fun to play with. Speaking of your site, congrats again on killing it for a monster April! Keep up that truly inspiring savings rate.

      I’ll be so interested to see how my ‘Dividends Received’ goal pans out, but it sure has been fun to watch so far. Thanks for the well wishes in my work situation too, if I can keep at it, my portfolio should see some serious progress by the end of the year.

      Thank you for taking time to swing by!

  2. Mr. SFZ

    Congrats on a great month Ryan. April was pretty good for me overall, got to invest a little more than usual with getting a tax refund back which is always fun. I too picked up some Aflac this past month in addition to Visa. I’m a little behind in my dividend goal for the year, but am also expecting to see larger increases later in the year after some new contributions. Good luck your goals man.

    Best wishes,

    1. My Dividend Growth

      Thank you, SFZ 🙂

      You are doing such great work, until my late 20’s I would typically blow a tax return on something I didn’t need and you’re putting it to work for you! If only my younger had your vision for the future. You are very inspiring!

      Glad to have you as a fellow shareholder in Aflac! This should reward us for many years to come. I like Visa too and think you picked a nice one there. Let’s hope for some more good values this month.

      Take care,

  3. Dividend Mantra


    Great looking month right there. You’re doing a great job in regards to your goals, and I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up on the dividend income if you stay ahead of yourself on the capital invested.

    Your portfolio is growing every single day. Keep it up! 🙂

    Best wishes.

    1. My Dividend Growth


      I hope I can blow my capital invested goal out of the water. Here’s hoping the job situation allows it. I wish we had more obvious selections with current market prices! At least I’m finally putting my money to work and if prices go down I’ll get to buy even more for a much better yield!

      I appreciate you stopping by! You had a killer month of dividends and it’s hard to believe you’re still gaining over 30% YOY with the size of your portfolio! Such amazing work so far.

  4. DivHut

    Love you how graph your dividend income. It’s always nice when you can see the growth of the monthly income year over year. I like your AFL stock pick, not so much TGT. If you want to get into the services sector with “stores” I would have taken a look at GWW. It has been one of my longtime holdings and one of the best performers in my portfolio. Just my 2 cents. Though GWW these days might be a little rich at the current PE.

    1. My Dividend Growth


      Glad to see you’ve found me! I have a lot of fun messing around with charts and spreadsheets so I really appreciate the compliment! I really like how crisp and clean your site looks and I’m really enjoying the content. Thank you so much for linking to me in your blogroll as well 🙂

      I hadn’t heard of GWW and I’m going to definitely look into it. I see you’re up 135.51% on it! That’s so wild, big congrats 🙂 I agree with you on TGT, I really think I could have found a better company that won’t have as much of a hurdle to overcome. I also probably haven’t let earnings stabilize lower with the Canada situation set to linger for a while. They’re planning to invest at least another 10-12 million per store there, and who knows if it’ll even work with their lower end locations. With all the troubles, I’m just hoping Target doesn’t break it’s 41 year raising dividend streak, even if they’re smaller raises for now. If the price crashes a lot lower I might not be able to resist an even better yield.

      I’m excited to see what you’ll add next. You have so many companies that I’d love to own. I’ll be swinging by your site often and let’s hope we find some good values in this market in the coming months!

      All my best,

    1. My Dividend Growth


      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, I’m glad you’re liking the way the site is looking as I’m still playing around with things. Even with our young portfolios, I’m so happy we’re at least in the game now! Your site is looking great and I’d be a big fan of seeing graphs on it. You had an excellent April and I’m excited to watch you grow from here. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!


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