Google Spreadsheet Watchlist Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to make a tutorial and finally gave one a shot.  I made a simple Google Spreadsheet tutorial that will show you how to make a watchlist that will automatically update with the market, like the one I use on this blog.

Thanks for watching!

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10 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheet Watchlist Tutorial
  1. Huw

    Hey Ryan,

    I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for this post. I mentioned earlier that I’m new to this blogging process, well……. that’s backed up by the point that I’ve never even heard of Google Drive, not to mention how you go about using it! 🙂
    I took a look at the tutorial you posted above, and I gave it a try………. 45 mins later, I’ve done it!
    I’m now using Google spreadsheets for my portfolio on my blog. I really like the fact it auto-populates, so I no longer have to do anything to it until I make a purchase or sale.

    Nice guide, and thanks for the help!


    1. Ryan

      Excellent!! Very happy you were able to get use out of the tutorial. I’ve turned into a bit of a spreadsheet junkie, and now that you have a feel for it, I recommend looking up ‘google docs templates’ people are putting up online. I found a bunch of useful ones for determining value / detailed portfolio tracking / and budgeting. Happy hunting and thanks again for checking this out!!

  2. My Dividend Pipeline


    Thank you so much for that video. I have always wondered how other bloggers posted their values with such ease on their sites. I am not very IT savvy, so it fantastic that you taped this tutorial. I can’t wait to try it out on my site.

    Thanks again,


    1. My Dividend Growth

      Thanks for watching FFdividend!

      I really admire the progress you’re making over there 🙂 I remember when your portfolio value was around my current levels. It’s been inspiring to watch and keep it up!!!

        1. My Dividend Growth

          That’s too kind, Ron! You’re killing it over there, and I’m proud for the progress you’ve made over the last few years! Cool to see another LA guy in the grind, at some point we’ll have to grab a beer or coffee. Take it easy man!


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