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Four Attractively Valued Dividend Challengers

I present the fast graphs of four attractively valued “Dividend Challengers” from David Fish’s CCC list.  These businesses have 5-9 straight years of dividend growth.  (For those unfamiliar with Fast Graphs, when the black current price line moves into the dark green earnings area it indicates the business is undervalued.  Here is a basic demo on […]

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Five Attractively Valued Stocks I Want to Own:

I’m fresh off my second full week at the new job.  It’s been a big relief stepping back into my roots of piecing together a brand new television show from scratch.  I’m enjoying the constant challenges of determining which story and style to use.  I basically get to solve puzzles each day, and that’s the […]

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The Newest Dividend Growth Challengers: Technology

I’m a dividend growth investor, and I’m always on the look out for fundamentally sound businesses that pay rising dividends each year. In the first of this series, “The Newest Dividend Growth Challengers: Healthcare,” I briefly highlighted a few companies who have raised dividends for five straight years. This time I present a pair of […]

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The Newest Dividend Growth Challengers: Healthcare

As a dividend growth investor, I’m always seeking new investment opportunities that pay growing dividends each year in an attempt to build an ever rising stream of income that I will one day live off of.  One of the great free tools available to investors is David Fish’s CCC list.  It keeps track of annual […]

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Quick Hitters: Four Financial Stocks

In this F.A.S.T. Graphs™ quick hitter, we’ll look at analyst estimates of the forward 2-year total annual return rate of four dividend growth financial powerhouses.  The industry has changed dramatically since the crash in 2008, so we’ll base the time frame of our estimates just before that crash with a 7-year average P/E.  We’re assuming this […]

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Dividend Growth Quick Hitters / One Per Sector:

This dividend growth quick hitter’s theme is one stock per sector.  These are not all necessarily businesses I’d want to invest in, but there are several attractive options for further research.  Like the idea of a quick hit list?  Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll post them more often with different themes. […]

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