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A Message From My Wife:

Greetings and salutations! I am the newlywed Mrs. My Dividend Growth. For about a year and a half Ryan has been documenting our financial journey, and I’ve played a small role in this blog as the editor of most of his articles (not including the ones with spelling or punctuation errors). During this time I […]

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Small Purchases & Short Hiatus

I wanted to write a quick post to announce that I’m now a married man! I tied the knot with the love of my life yesterday, and now we’re off to Athens and the Greek Islands for our honeymoon.  A trip like this would have been a fantasy for us just a few short years […]

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My Dividend Growth’s One Year Anniversary

     When I finally started earning more income than I was spending, I knew I needed to figure out how to invest in my future since there are no 401K’s or benefits for an editor / producer like myself.  I had no idea that my not having typical employment options would be a blessing […]

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Liebster Award Nomination

Huw from Financially Free by Forty nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is a way to spread the word about other blogs and get to know a little more about them through questions that might not normally be covered. Huw was one of the first friends I made upon starting my blog in March. […]

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Love Eating Out But Hate The Cost? Do It Yourself!

I’m lucky to have a funny, beautiful, and intelligent partner in this quest called life. Ms. My Dividend Growth and I have really embraced frugality and investing in ourselves and our future. We’ve spent much of this year attempting to take our expenses to new lows and our food costs have always disgusted us. Like […]

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Are You Equipped For An Emergency?

The emergency fund, like investing, should be specifically tailored cheap mlb jerseys to each individual’s needs.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have job stability. I’ve constantly debated myself wholesale NBA jerseys on how much cash to keep. I’m a freelancer / contractor with a decent weekly rate, but I’m still new to this career […]

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