Download My Free Portfolio Tracker Template + Video Tutorial


Happy holiday’s everyone!  Due to popular demand I’ve made the live stock portfolio tracker I use on this blog available to everyone via google templates, so be sure to download your copy today.  It’s as easy as filling in data in the blue cells and adjusting the formulas in the orange cells.  I also created […]

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Dividend Update: October 2015


October’s dividend payouts are in the books, and it never gets old.  There’s just nothing quite like seeing real cash hit my investment accounts like clockwork throughout the year.  I do this by owning small pieces of growing businesses that have lengthy track records of sharing their profits with me through dividend raises each year. […]

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Portfolio Update: October 2015


October was amazing on a personal level because I got married and went to the Greek Islands for over two weeks on our honeymoon.  Upon our return to the states, my work called and moved up my out date by 3 weeks; last Friday was my final day of work.  They moved to the next […]

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A Message From My Wife:


Greetings and salutations! I am the newlywed Mrs. My Dividend Growth. For about a year and a half Ryan has been documenting our financial journey, and I’ve played a small role in this blog as the editor of most of his articles (not including the ones with spelling or punctuation errors). During this time I […]

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Small Purchases & Short Hiatus


I wanted to write a quick post to announce that I’m now a married man! I tied the knot with the love of my life yesterday, and now we’re off to Athens and the Greek Islands for our honeymoon.  A trip like this would have been a fantasy for us just a few short years […]

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Dividend Update: September 2015


The market may have taken a dive in September, but my dividend payouts were bigger than ever. As a long-term dividend growth investor, I sleep well at night knowing I’m invested in businesses that continuously pay me rising portions of their profits. I currently automatically reinvest all of my dividend payouts. Lower stock prices equal […]

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Portfolio Update: September 2015


It’s hard to believe there are less than three months left in the year. I’ve had a busy year building my dividend growth portfolio, and the numbers from September are in. Toward the end of the month, I opened up a new account with commision free brokerage Robinhood; I’m really enjoying the app so far. […]

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Guest Post: Define the Right Stock Price in a Volatile Market


This is a guest post by Mike, aka The Dividend Guy. He authors The Dividend Guy Blog since 2010 and manages portfolios at Dividend Stocks Rock. He is a passionate investor. Over the past 5 years, investors have been rewarded by a very strong bullish market. Until recently, the spectre of having a negative year […]

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Featured Reading: September 20th, 2015


It’s another hot and dry weekend in Los Angeles. My fiancée grew up here and today we celebrated her mom’s birthday with food and drinks at an awesome Italian restaurant. There was a funny accordion player who approached our table and sang a few questions that we answered. Before we knew it he improvised a […]

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